VIRTUAL CLOUD NETWORK – According to VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

virtual cloud network

Dell Technologies World 2018 is on. Here are the key highlights on the Virtual Cloud Network

  1. Virtual Cloud Network is VMware vision’s for the future of networking
  2. Ubiquitous software layer from data center to cloud to edge
  3. Empowering you to connect and secure apps & data – regardless of where they reside
  4. Embeds security into the platform, compartmentalizing the NW thru micro-segmentation
  5. Delivers a WAN solution for visibility, control and automation of all endpoints

Virtual Cloud Network is delivered by VMware NSX.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Introduces the Virtual Cloud Network

Virtual cloud network is the networking foundation for a hyper distributed world. It provides pervasive end-to-end connectivity for apps and data wherever they are located from the data center, the cloud or at the edge. The virtual cloud network creates a consistent environment in which security is inherent and not bolted on or after the fact. The virtual cloud network moves the intelligence that traditionally rested in hardware into software it enables companies to more quickly aggregate, automate and draw insights from their applications and data.

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