Once upon a time – a case for buyer experience and empathy to fuel growth

Posted by Anand Raj on Jul 16, 2018 8:03:43 PM

How do we deliver a unique buyer experience and how do we convert the buyer experience into revenue. This ancient Chinese Rice Merchant story captures this well.

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Topics: IT Solution Providers, Buyer Moment, Tech Go-to-Market

6 Tech Buyer Moments that Matter (and how to enable them to fuel growth)

Posted by Anand Raj on Nov 7, 2017 5:40:21 PM

The buy – sell process has significantly shifted in the past ten years. In the past, the sales person was required to be the primary educator. In the digital transition, we moved this role to the cloud where “content is king”. Buyers now use the Web as their primary tool for solution discovery and analysis. There has been a continued evolution from “content is king” to the newest iteration of “context is king”. It is no longer impactful to simply provide content. Relevancy by meeting the buyer at their stage of need is proving to build lasting digital relationships and accelerate revenue decisions.

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