Tech Trends and Inspiring Quotes from Dell Technologies World 2018

This post contains the tech trends and quotes from many great leaders in our industry on the topics ranging from AI, ML, Blockchain, VR, Software-Defined, Cloud, Modern Data Center, Edge, Digital Transformation, IT Transformation,  Workforce Transformation, Security Transformation and much more.


Please allow me to summarize my learning from the Dell Technologies World: In order to survive this forth industry revolution and then thrive, we must perfect this process: the process of converting raw data into information, information into action and action into outcome. This process will bring data, AI/ML, blockchain together and become the driver of human progress.

4th Industrial Revolution

“The 4th industrial revolution is about information made active”. -Andra Keay

“Tech is rewriting the business playbook”. -Andrew McAfee

 Trust is the expectation that the other will do the right thing”. – Don Tapscott

 “Cloud is not a place – it’s a way of doing IT where everything becomes sw-defined and infrastructure is code”. –Michael Dell

“If Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘a faster horse”.Andrew McAfee


“ 99% of that data will come from things, not people, thanks to IoT. If you know how to use your data, it will become your most valuable asset – even more than your apps”. –Michael Dell

An average city by 2020 will produce 200PB of new data per day”. -Michael Dell


“If you do AI right, you don’t even know it’s there”. -John Roese

“When you apply AI to sales, you have a whole new prospect set/audience to target”. –John Roese

Many in their industries believe they have already optimized their business processes to death. AI opens a whole new toolset to your business. –John Roese

Using Alexa is easy. Developing Alexa is complicated.John Roese

 “HiPPO: Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Study: More than 40% of the time, the HIPPO made the wrong decision, destroying value. Another 40% of the time, their decisions were neutral”. -Andrew McAfee


Blockchain will change intermediaries like AirBnB, Uber, others. The big disruptors are about to be disrupted.” -Don Tapscott

“What if there were an “Internet of Value”? That’s where Bitcoin comes in”. -Don Tapscott

“Technologies of the 4th industrial revolution – Consider Blockchain, which represents the second era of the Internet”. -Don Tapscott

“Your data is being captured by others in so many ways. Blockchain would enable us to get our privacy back”. -Don Tapscott

Better Together: Dell EMC Partners

“An amazing opportunity ahead for Dell EMC Partners”. – Michael Dell

“Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to be your best partner for the future.” The opportunity is massive—a total addressable market of $3.7 trillion”. -Joyce Mullen

“Together, we have the force and speed of a stampede,” Mullen told partners. And, while we have built—together— a $43 billion channel business and a successful channel program, we strive to become “the biggest, and the best. We are going to be the #1 partner program in the world … Not in our eyes, but in yours.” –Joyce Mullen

Realizing 2030: A Divided Vision of the Future

“More than eight inten (82 percent) leaders expect humans and machines will work as integrated teams within their organization inside of five years”.

My favorite is this:

IN-THE-MOMENT LEARNING. Much of the learning in 2030 will take place on the job. Schools will shift from teaching what to learn, to teaching how to learn, in order to complement the machines and technologies that people will be working with and learning from in 2030 and beyond.


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