Selling Cloud? 6 key must-have attributes for a multi-cloud strategy conversation: According to Jeff Clarke of Dell Technologies

At Dell Technologies World 2018, Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman Product and Operations of Dell Technologies, shared these 6 key must-haves attributes for a multi-cloud strategy. As a IT Solution Provider, you can bring these attributes to your cloud strategy conversation. Thank you Jeff for sharing your wisdom to power up customer businesses and Making IT Real.


For IT Solution Providers, these are great conversation starters with customers. Conversations can be mapped to the specific stage of the buyer journey to the cloud.

  1. Cloud-tiering for storing and protecting public cloud data on-prem…while simultaneously extending your on-prem infrastructures
  2. Cloud management capabilities…simple, agile and automated
  3. Software-based services that offer additional orchestration and policy capabilities
  4. Storage, data protection and security support for code and data running in public clouds
  5. Ability to quickly apply storage, data protection and security to cloud-native applications developed on public clouds, containers and server-less operating systems.
  6. And…a cloud economic model…flexible, utility-based pricing for your private and hybrid-clouds

As you know in the multi-cloud customer conversations, you are bringing together TOTAL strategy and TOTAL solution by combining lot of moving parts. Your speed to respond to these customer conversations is the key to win the modern technology buying decisions and continue to build trust with the buyer.

If you are interested in learning more about these multi-cloud strategies, go-to-market science for IT Solution Providers and getting to market faster, we would love to hear from you.

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