Santa Selects InXero for Go to Market


Santa is the largest global solution provider of joy in the world serving all the good kids and delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. Children write letters to Santa about their specific interests. Santa receives these letters and has been making kids happy year after year with just the right gift.

Digital Transformation

But the digital transformation is impacting Santa too. Our team had the good fortune of meeting Santa at one of the industry conferences in Dallas, Texas this year and Santa shared his biggest challenges.

“Many kids are not writing letters anymore. They are going digital and writing their interests on digital channels like social networks and mobile phones instead of by mail. Over the last several years, we have been building our digital presence, but it’s not sophisticated enough to engage all the kids. It’s very static and not very dynamic. Things are kind of getting out of control. It is a real challenge for us to engage all the good kids and understand their needs. For the first time in centuries, we missed listening to over 10 million kids last year and we were unable to deliver gifts to them. I am not happy about that and we have got to fix it.”


Finding the right Go to Market tool

To fix this problem, Santa and his Elves have been experimenting with various new technologies to modernize and activate their digital presence. During this process, a Go-to-Market Elf experimented with InXero, the industry’s first Go to Market-as-a-Service solution for IT Resellers. They found that InXero can work for them as well and provide a one-stop-shop to engage with the kids, create unique gifts and make the kids joyful throughout their journey. So the Elves decided to roll it out.

At InXero, we care deeply about the kind of stuff that increases the joy and light in our beautiful world. So we adopted a 1:1:1 integrated philanthropic model (inspired by Marc Benioff and our good friends at Salesforce). We dedicate 1% of InXero’s equity, 1% of InXero’s product and 1% of InXero employees’ time back to communities. So Santa gets the full InXero platform and our super awesome customer success team for free, to spread the joy and light.

Digital Presence Enablement

Our first task was to make sure Santa can engage all the kids. Our team worked with Go-to-Market Elves and within 60 minutes, we fully integrated InXero with Santa’s website, social networks, list system, kids relationship management system and activated Santa’s website with modern dynamic content and cognitive engagement capabilities.

Elves Social Media Enablement

After activating Santa’s websites, we then enabled all the Go-to-Market Elves on social media as well. Now, Go-to-Market Elves have been super active on all relevant social media networks in different countries, keeping kids in the loop with the latest new trends and exciting new toys they have been building this year.

Ho-Ho-Ho deep learning for personalized unique gifts

With all the great work Go-to-Market Elves have done, it has resulted into more requests from kids this year. But one thing Santa noticed this year, was that lots of requests are for a total playing experience – not just one-off gifts. A total solution that requires mixing multiple pieces, from multiple vendors, to make one unique gift. Good news is that the Ho-Ho-Ho deep learning algorithm reveals the right pieces based on the unique needs of the kids and using InXero machine, Go-to-Market Elves are able to create unique gifts 30X faster than ever before. “This is a game changer for us”, said the Chief Go-to-Market Elf.

Joy for all this Christmas

“With the assistance of good people at InXero, we are able to engage all the kids this Christmas and reach out to even more kids who have never written letters before”, said Santa. “We are very hopeful that all the good kids will receive their gifts on time and no one will be missed this year. Kids are the joy of our beautiful world and I along with my Go-to-Market Elves, and of course Rudolf, are looking forward to celebrating the joy with all of them.”

Merry Christmas!

Like Santa and Go-to-Market Elves, if you are interested in evaluating InXero to turbo charge your go to market, you can sign up for our early adopter program.

At InXero, we have built the industry’s first Go to Market-as-a-service platform for IT Resellers that activates your website, social media, and sellers for hyper growth by engaging your buyer at every step of the buyer journey.


Team InXero

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