Rapidly Evolve and Adapt to the New Realities of Tech Go-to-Market in the Virtual World

First of all, a heartfelt thank you to all our customers and partners for being the digital-first responders supporting businesses during the pandemic. Thank you all for making a positive impact in people’s lives and driving the human progress forward with technology.

Year 2020 has brought rapidly changing market situations. Marketing and sales leaders at IT Solution Providers and Vendors face an unprecedented challenge to meet increasingly demanding buyer needs, all while managing the limitations of a world restricted by COVID-19. According to Gartner, “Before the pandemic, about 46 percent of a B2B sales rep’s time was spent either with a customer or at that customer’s work premises.” While the responsibilities of marketing and sales teams remain largely the same, the mechanisms that teams leverage to capture interest and build relationships has been forced to evolve.

InXero has been learning with IT solution providers and continuously adding new capabilities and content assets. The new features bring together the marketing and sales holistic go-to-market capabilities to help enlighten the tech buyer digital experience, empower sales and marketing collaboration to go-to-market faster and improve buyer engagement insights.   

New capabilities to accelerate success of the key digital go-to-market initiatives in this striking virtual world

As we adapt to new ways of work, marketing and sales, we’re gaining a better understanding of what makes tech buyers feel more connected. Thanks to our customers and partners, we have been learning together. Happy to share we introduced many new experiences in the InXero Go-to-Market automation platform to make our virtual interactions more natural and engaging, like Virtual Showcase – being connected, despite being apart. Although there is immediate pressure to digitally adapt the marketing and sales teams, this evolution will lay the foundation of sustained advantage equipping teams with the power to leverage data and digital tools to drive improved seller and tech buyer experiences.

Like the organizations we serve, InXero has been forced to confront this situation head-on. With our industry’s first Go-to-Market platform, we launched InXero on InXero and have to quickly adjust to COVID-19, and were able to continue supporting customers and help our customers to accelerate key digital marketing and sales initiatives.

Below are some key highlights of the new features we introduced to help our customers accelerate their digital experiences with customers and prospects. We are committed to serve our customers and help you continue to enrich digital trust to set your business for greater success for many years to come in the new digital world.

Virtual showcase blueprint: Now, more than ever, digital engagements are an integral part of doing business. While you may not have the opportunity to personally share all your news and highlights, but you can give you all our updates to your prospects, customers and partners in a single place.

InXero is now LinkedIn Marketing Developer Partner: You will experience more automation for the social selling including posting to your LinkedIn Company Pages.

Social Selling Automation: expand your reach at scale with the help of your own team.

Showcase New Layout: make an impact with featured content big thumbnail in the new content gallery layout.

Showcase your joint-solution bundles with InXero Portfolio: create a bundle of relevant solutions, present professionally and educate your buyers with all new layout to display a solution inside a portfolio.

Single Content Experience: sprinkle single content for case studies or high value content such as analyst report, webinar, buyer’s guide, white paper or infographic. Multiple layouts available.

Fast and reliable co-selling with Prospect Pages: Curated and supported by marketing, sales team can instantly share additional information and proposals professionally with your prospects via a branded microsite, instantly, even during your sales call. 

Inside InXero Player Configurable CTAs: Deliver value first and then gate the content to capture leads. Inside players call-to-actions make it possible.

CTA embedding: embed call-to-action individually to any page and capture leads    

In-built download form: now brandable download form is available across all digital experiences

Top Solution Categories Analytics: see which solution categories are gaining the most buyer engagement and intent. Export the graphs.

All new Engagement Trends analytics: see the analytics of your showcases and individual content, export the graphs and share with your MDF partners as proof of performance.

Sales reps engagement analytics and attribution: see which sales reps are driving most engagement and leads. Attribute leads to your sales rep and recognize their digital contributions.

Showcase Strategy Best practice: Checklist to design your next Tech Solution Page that converts. Download the guide.

InXero go-to-market automation platform and content, marketing and sales services have been helping its customers (IT solution providers) to:

  • go-to-market faster
  • share the right information with the right person at the right time for positive impact
  • launch new solutions and rapidly respond to the changing business demands such as COVID-19, cybersecurity threats

Interested in knowing more, Talk to our Tech Go-to-Market expert today.

InXero is committed to empower IT solution providers ecosystem and help IT solution providers, MSPs, MSSPs bring speed and scale to their go-to-market in the digital age to make positive impact in people’s lives. As part of this important value-chain, we continue to look forward to partnering for better outcome and helping our customers embrace the power of digital, and the power of human innovation to continue to drive the human progress forward in an efficient, equitable and safe manner.

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