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Drive more registrations to your virtual events and webinars. Share the love. Launch your offer recommendation pop-up app. Based on the popular demand of our valued customers, we just launched a new digital experience app, offer recommendation pop-up.

2020 was a challenging year for all of us and has been a year of great learning. We worked hand-in-hand with our customers and partners. When the crisis hit, Sandy Carter (Amazon Web Services) said in one of her keynotes, “Virtual is a great equalizer and opens a lot of doors for everybody.” In 2020, technology was critical for survival. As we look into the future and recovery, technology will be critical to thrive.

Our customers, IT solution providers and vendors have been the digital first responders and helping end customers such as schools, hospitals, Governments deploy technologies to secure their organizations from cyber-attacks, launch COVID-19 mobile pop-up clinics, work-from-anywhere solutions, digital education for kids, secure the identity and data of citizens and many other critical services for people.

We have been working very closely with our customers and supporting them as they deliver these critical services. I am so proud of the work that our customers do every day to make an impact in people’s lives. A heartfelt thank you to all our customers and partners.

As the medium of engagement shifted from physical events to virtual events, lunch and learn meetings to online webinars, our customers started sharing ideas with us on how to proactively engage their prospects and customers and drive more registrations for their virtual events and webinars.

Built on top of the industry’s first Go-to-Market automation platform for partners, today we are launching the Offer Recommendation Pop-up digital experience app. With the Offer Recommendation Pop-up app, you can proactively engage visitors on your website and let them know you are here to help. Greet visitors with timely offers such as webinars and discounts to increase engagement. Convert visitors before they leave your website. Collect prospects email addresses for follow-ups. If you are launching events using popular event management systems, no problem, offer recommendation pop-up app can direct traffic to your event registration page.

In addition to the offer recommendation pop-up, InXero Go-to-Market Automation Platform offers powerful digital experience apps for the solutions showcase, multi-vendor portfolio catalog, content experience among other applications.

Here is a screenshot of the live offer recommendation pop-up.

It’s very easy and quick to launch.

Share the love and launch your offer recommendation app today to drive more registrations for your virtual events and webinars. Contact our Go-to-Market Strategist to explore what it can do for you.

Download the checklist to design your next Tech Solution Page that converts. Download the guide.

InXero go-to-market automation platform and content, marketing and sales services have been helping its customers (IT solution providers) to:

  • go-to-market faster
  • share the right information with the right person at the right time for positive impact
  • launch new solutions and rapidly respond to the changing business demands such as COVID-19, cybersecurity threats

InXero is committed to empower IT solution providers ecosystem and help IT solution providers, MSPs, MSSPs bring speed and scale to their go-to-market in the digital age to make positive impact in people’s lives. As part of this important value-chain, we continue to look forward to partnering for better outcome and helping our customers embrace the power of digital, and the power of human innovation to continue to drive the human progress forward in an efficient, equitable and safe manner.

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