MSPs: 10 easy things you can do to attract more customers from LinkedIn

Posted by Anand Raj on Mar 20, 2019 2:06:24 PM



Don’t talk about you. Talk about them, your customers.

Social is still a good way to connect with people. Provide high value content and add value.

There are an average of 16 influencers in an enterprise tech buying committee. Here are some ideas what to talk about to spark the conversation, educate your prospects and build trust.

Stand out. Define your values. Create your theme and let it come through your unique story.

Talk about what you stand for.

Talk about customer pain points and how your customers are solving those pain points with your solutions.

Talk about industry trends that are relevant for your markets and customers.

Engage at a human level. Build trust. Business is about people. Show you care.

Top 10 content ideas to use to attract customers to you

Each content type below addresses different phases and perspectives of the tech buyer learning journey.

As you know, social is not random. Random likes and shares don’t produce desired results. Social is a powerful medium and removed many traditional barriers to find new customers. But it requires a science to engage the buyers and turn that buyer experience into revenue. To get the maximum benefit of social, you must activate your social strategy across all your marketing team, sales team and subject matter experts. Everyone shall be on the same page talking about the same message aligned with your current business priorities and growth theme.

1. Vendor agnostic articles published by industry publications to increase awareness about the solution areas you offer. Technology buyers of all ages prefer short articles from credible news outlets and industry experts when seeking information before the sale.

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: why this and why now?

2. Customer success stories and how you are solving the pain points and delivering the business outcome.

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: what are my peers buying?

3. Customer reviews and opinions of the tech buyer peers about the solutions and products that are on your line card. You can leverage G2Crowd, TrustRadius and Tech Validate.

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: what are my peers saying?

4. Tech Buyer Guide for a specific technology topic, white papers & research reports.

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: how to evaluate a specific solution?

5. Top industry trends and incidents (security breaches etc).

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: what are the key trends? Where is the industry going?

6. Video intros of the technology topics. Personalize your content with relevant insights mapped to job function and career stage of your tech buyers.

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: what is it?

7. Benefits and ROI slides or videos.

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: what benefits will we get?

8. Webcasts, webinars or even simple video tips about customer pain points or how to implement

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: how to get started and how easy or complex is the implementation?

9. Industry recognition of your vendor partners products – awards. Gartner magic quadrant related to your solutions and offerings.

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: is my company’s future safe with this solution?

10. Short video clips on what you stand for and why you do what you do. Video on your community engagement.

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: can we trust this solution provider?

Here is the bonus:

11. Star Ratings of your customer success team on the service tickets by your customers

Tech buyer learning journey perspective: is the solution provider’s team responsive and takes ownership of the services? Can I call them in the middle of the night in case of emergency incident?

This is an example of these content types:



Automate the social selling and buyer education process

Creating content is hard. So curate relevant content. There are lot of great content out there. Map your content curation needs based on your go-to-market strategy and customer education needs for existing and new solution offerings.

Automate the process of content curation.

Look for influencers inside your company.

Keeping consistent messaging is hard. So automate the process of posting content via your team to tell a consistent and cohesive story aligned with your business priorities and solutions.

Review the performance of your team’s posts and continue to refine your content curation.

Review the reach of each of your team members and link the reach to buyer engagement, views, leads and other factors important for your sales pipeline.

Please share your thoughts and help your peers with your ideas. What is working for you?

Here at InXero, we are committed to serve the MSPs, VARs and Solution Providers community. We have built industry’s first Sales and Marketing Hub to simplify the content curation and automation of the social selling process at scale.  We would love to hear from you.


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