Keep Pushing. Keep Calm. The biggest thing I have learned from running.

Keep Pushing. Keep Calm. This is one of the great advice my mentor shared with me. I try to practice it every day at my startup InXero. But this advice applies to everything in life. Whether running a marathon (and life is a big marathon) or working on a new project or nurturing our children.

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Attitude of gratitude

During Austin Marathon today, I was remembering this. As runners, we all know how important it is to keep pushing. On the running course, after many miles, we all go through some degree of pains. But when we are running, even though it is pain, we take this pain with an attitude of joy. We feel thankful that this is a beautiful race and we are here running it. With this attitude of gratitude and joy, we take one step and the next step and the run continues to the finish line. We know there is no shortcut to the finish line.

One step at a time through the hills and valleys

In this race, often there are hills and valleys, ups and downs. From a distance, the hill looks very steep and high. But this mantra of keep pushing works nicely. It is only one step at a time that matters. While the hill is high, but in one step, there is not much height. Even with the pain, we take those steps with joy and we take the hill.

As runners, we know that when we are going uphill, we must conserve our energy. There is no point using all our energy to climb the hill in full speed. No matter what we do, we will not move fast. So we just go slow and reach the top of the hill. Once the hill is behind us, we pick pace and run with full force again until the next hill comes. After few races, we learn to use our energy wisely.

The trees know the art of living

The trees also remind us of this beautiful way of living. It seems trees know the art of living in these ups and downs. Trees shed their leaves in the winter and conserve their energy. They use this energy when spring comes to bring new leaves, bloom flowers and give us fruits without expecting anything in return. The birds make their nests again on their branches and chirping continues. I enjoy this message of the trees when I run this race. They help me transform from winter into spring.

The great thing in the race and life is that when we keep pushing ourselves to do something good, the help comes. The help comes from the cheers of the community, the trees, the water stops, and the energy of the people in our lives. Everyone is wishing us courage and joy as we run. With that energy and blessing, anything is possible. This energy is also available to us in every aspect of life, if only we know how to receive it and be grateful for it.

Austin is a great city with creative people. Along the course, we see great messages, music and people. They all inspire to keep pushing.


I love running and I have learned so much from the experience of running. Our life is a big race and all these lessons equally apply to everything we do in our life.

I am so thankful for all the awesome things that are happening through me and for all the guidance, energy and blessings I am very fortunate to receive. This is amazing.

Enjoy every step

One last thing, in running, the joy comes in every step. It’s not that all the joy suddenly comes when we cross the finish line. Crossing the finish line certainly brings fulfillment and thankfulness.

The biggest thing I have learned from running is that enjoying every step of the journey is what matters and having full faith that once we take every step with joy in the right direction, crossing the finish line is certain. Because it is there. We just need to keep pushing and keep calm.


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