InXero is honored to be one of the 18 companies in the ConnectWise PitchIT Business Accelerator Program 2022

InXero is honored to be part of the 18 candidates selected to go through ConnectWise PitchIT Business Accelerator Program. The companies are: Adaptive Catalog, AlertOps, Binox Software,, ClearBench, Clearbenchmark,, DTonomy, FortMesa, Get Kambium, Humanize IT (powered by Managed Services Platform), InXero, KloudReadiness, LLC, NEXERA, a BEI Services Company, Notify Technology Corporation, Saaslio, Tier2Technologies, and Vonahi Security – Automated Network PenTesting!

InXero is the industry’s first Digital Go-to-Market Experience Platform (All-In-One) purpose-built for MSPs, MSSPs, and Solution Providers’ growth.

We help MSPs and solution providers grow confidently, adapt quickly and grow sales by digitizing go-to-market (GTM) operations. InXero empowers IT Solution Providers ecosystem (MSPs, MSSPs, CSPs, VARs) with digital go-to-market software to acquire new clients, scale reach, grow revenue, and differentiate brand with enlightened buyer experiences in the digital age.

Thank you ConnectWise for creating the PitchIT program to bring more innovation faster to the MSP community and provide more value to help MSPs realize their vision of success.

Thank you Louie Cocchiola (Ecosystems Marketing Director at ConnectWise) for the recognition and kind words: “These companies are led by some great innovators in the MSP space: Adam Walter, Anand Raj, Andrew Hunt, Ben Botti, John Harden, Chris Dix, Elizabeth Copeland, Eric Murray, ing., George Mellor, Jason Wells, Patrick Burgess, Paul DePond, Peter Luo, Shuai Payne, Stephen Yu, ⚔️ Timothy Golden 🔐, Tim Schnurr, Walter C., and Wes McArtor.” says Louie Cocchiola.

Thank you ConnectWise and Channel Leaders for sharing your energy, guidance, encouragement and promoting the candidate companies. Here are some of the mentions:

Michelle Ragusa-McBain, Provider Elevate, Leader for the Global Partner Organization at Cisco: “Love hearing Jason Magee CEO of ConnectWise, Sean Lardo and Tom Lawrence on this episode of of Business Technicalities!

The fellas are sharing great gems 💎 on the PitchIT program, and value it’s created among innovators and the #msp community, and how it’s helping #ConnectWise to deliver on their promises to their partners”.

Thank you Jason for your devotion to the MSP community and inspiring us to continue to add value to MSP businesses.

Matt Solomon, Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer at Channel Programs: “18 emerging vendors enter, 3 walk away as finalist…” 

InXero is purpose-built for MSPs growth. InXero was born from a need to democratize IT ecosystem go-to-market software stack and IT commerce by giving every IT Solution Provider (MSP, MSSP, CSP, VAR) and Vendor access to world-class technologies that are traditionally held only by the largest organizations.

Our vision is to empower all MSPs and Solution Providers who power the world with technology to drive the human progress forward in the digital age.

A few honors we gathered along the way

We are humbled by the recognition we have received thus far from prestigious organizations and are devoted to living up to each and every one of these awards. Thank you all. We look forward to continue to serve the MSPs and this great ecosystem.

InXero is committed to empower MSP ecosystem and help IT solution providers, MSPs, MSSPs bring speed and scale to their go-to-market in the digital age to make positive impact in people’s lives. As part of this important value-chain, we continue to look forward to partnering for better outcome and helping our customers embrace the power of digital, and the power of human innovation to continue to drive the human progress forward in an efficient, equitable and safe manner.

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