InXero cherish LinkedIn. We love partners.


For centuries, technology has been driving the human progress forward. More than 75% of the technology in the world flow through resellers and solution providers. So resellers are contributing to drive the human progress forward for 7 billion people in our beautiful world.

Reseller business is the business of partnerships and trust to make the impact of this magnitude. We love the channel ecosystem and all the partners who work day and night to activate the technology, take the latest innovations to the market and make an impact in the lives of billions of people.

Our mission is to empower all the resellers and channel partners to #AchieveMore in the digital age. In order to serve the reseller ecosystem of solution providers, MSPs, vendors and distributors, we partner with many great companies.

We love LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce and many great partners.

As Steve Case (the founder of AOL) points out in his book The Third Wave, partnerships play a critical role. Companies won’t be able to go it alone in the third wave; they must go together. They must rethink their relationships with customers, partners and competitors. The future belongs to partnerships that will ride the waves as they come. The three “Ps” of success in the third wave of internet – Partnerships; Policy; Perseverance. There is no overnight success in the third wave. The three “Cs” of success (from the original AOL – applicable today, in this third wave) – Content; Context; Community.

Partnership is in our DNA. As Steve suggests, partnership should be in the DNA of any modern enterprise in the digital age. We love our customers, partners and competitors. They inspire us to innovate and find a better way every day. Innovation is a continuous thing.

True partnership is a powerful growth engine. Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) turned frenemies into true partners. In his book Hit Refresh, Satya says the keys to this successful strategy have been:

  • Being straightforward and transparent.
  • Truly listening with respect.
  • Being open to unexpected synergies.
  • Focusing on long-term goals in relationships, which may sometimes require a pause or lead to acquisitions.
  • Being empathetic.

We are gratified to be part of this third wave and have this magnificent opportunity to add value in the channel value-chain.

We celebrate partnerships. Today on this Valentine’s Day, we express our love to partners and this great channel eco-system of MSPs, resellers, distributors, and vendors. We are devoted to serve the reseller value-chain. Together with our partners, we are empowering the people who power-up the world technology and driving the human progress forward.

#Gratitude #Partnerships #Bliss

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