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At InXero, we know you need to figure out how to make your customers aware of the full breadth of solutions capabilities that you have so that you can increase cross-sell and upsell with multi-vendor joint solution bundles.  Yet you don't have all the marketing resources that bigger companies have even though you need to be as strategic to your company as other people who've had years to learn the latest technology and modern marketing techniques.
And let's be honest - it's hard.  You have to be in compliance with messaging from all the vendors you represent and be present various social media platforms.  With InXero even inexperienced marketers who have many different roles to fill in their company can help their companies survive and thrive.  InXero cares about you and your business and we have invented a single go-to-market dashboard to unify all your communications by connecting disjointed tools and consolidating all the vendors you represent in one place.  Our product will drive more web traffic, increase leads and give you the MDF reporting you need to justify the money your partners are investing in you.
InXero is quick to launch, easy to use and will integrate into your current marketing mix. Many of your marketing peers other SPs are using it with great success.
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