Digital Content is Your New Virtual Sales Rep

Net: a digital video has the potential to deliver the engagement time equivalent of 250 sales reps.


Like all CEOs, I am always thinking about finding new ways to grow our customers business and our own business. We are the innovators and leveraging machine learning to simplify IT resellers go to market process. But I believe that technology will never replace the human intelligence and we will always need smart people to grow our business. But as machine learning technologist myself, I do believe that technology can unleash the superpowers of our people and make them smarter. The opportunity to enhance the human potential with technology inspires me every day. Here is a real story to illustrate the power of digital engagement. Hopefully this story inspires you to create your course of action for digital buyer engagement.

Your Content is your virtual sales rep

Let us say that you have a sales development rep (SDR) and you pay $50,000 salary. Your SDR works 8 hours a day non-stop and makes 50 calls a day and get about 60 minutes of actual conversation time with prospects on a good day.

Here is the math: Engagement time per month per SDR is about 1200 minutes.

Seller KPIs.png

The superpowers of a digital content

Now let us look at the power of a digital content. This content is not related to business but it can illustrate the power of digital content. One night after meditation, I took an original video that was just released and I liked that a lot. I was playing it again and again as I did my yoga. So I thought it will be good if I create a new video and repeat it 5 times and make it a good 21 minutes video for yoga. Creating a solution from this video was my value add. People like the video and it just crossed 482,097 views and added 2300 new subscribers to my channel.

Here is the math: One video has the potential to deliver the engagement time equivalent of 250 sales reps. In other words, if you would like to have 3 million minutes of engagement with prospects in 10 months, you will need 250 sales rep working 8 hours non-stop 5 days a week. We all know that getting this high views and engagement on every business content will be difficult. I used this viral video to illustrate the superpowers of the digital content. If we leverage LinkedIn, Twitter and all our sales and marketing teams social networks, possibility to exponentially increase our business reach is there. That too at a cost that all businesses (small or big) in our beautiful world can easily afford today.

Videos KPIs.png

Time spent on creating the video: 120 minutes. I did this on my own during the night, so actual cost to us was zero.

Here is the actual analytics of this content.

Content analytics.png

Digital potential is infinite

So one video can be possible create as much prospect engagement as 250 sales reps. This is the potential of digital and in my mind, the potential is infinite. This is inspiring to see how digital content and technology to engage the modern buyers can unleash the superpowers of small businesses. I am so excited about digital and its potential to migrate all the micro, small and big reseller businesses to the digital universe and together help them realize their digital future.

Lessons Learned:

  1. As solution providers and value added resellers, we must find our value add and create unique solution to address our customers needs. In this example, my value add was creating a 21 minutes video by repeating the video 5 times and creating a solution for yoga practitioners.
  2. Digital content can unleash the superpowers of your sales reps and business.
  3. You can augment your salesforce with 100 virtual sales rep with the investment of few hours in creating a good content or leveraging great content already created by your vendor partners and industry. Digital content is by no means a replacement for a sales rep but it can help you do so much more and remove growth barriers.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on this topic and how you are leveraging digital in your own growth story.

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