Three ways to create a unique story to differentiate your business in the crowded marketplace

Have you ever added multiple files like videos, whitepapers, case studies, articles on the webpage or emailed a batch of files to a prospect, only to find out they completely overlooked your message and story? Or that they only downloaded the first of ten content assets? Or that they engaged with some content on your webpage but you were not able to gain the engagement insights? Or you spent hours to find the relevant content from dozens of partner portals, industry trade magazines and the internet?

Headaches like these not only create more work for you—they undermine the way your story comes across, reduce prospect conversion and minimize the return on investment.

That’s why we made InXero Digital Showcase, a new way to easily create and share that puts your unique story in the best light to differentiate your business in the crowded marketplace. Part of InXero Go-to-Market Platform purpose-built for MSPs’ growth, Digital Showcase helps you present your story professionally on your website, social media via your marketing and sales team and track what happens after you share. Here are three ways you can use Digital Showcase to make a big impact, without all the stress and tedious content marketing and social selling tasks.

Educate and impress your prospects to drive demand

Say you’re a marketing manager who’s launching a new ransomware protection solution. You are searching for videos, industry reports, whitepapers type content from partner portals and other industry sources. You want to launch the webpage and campaign ASAP, but you’re worried that executing this campaign may take a long time and your message might get lost while collaborating internally and externally.

With Showcase, you control your story and flow. You can easily curate and arrange all your files in exactly the way you want, add the compliance controls mapping to features, then add call-to-actions to capture leads and launch your story on your website and social media in less than 60 minutes. Maybe you want to feature an overview video to set the right tone, then add some business benefit cost of ransomware attack whitepaper, a case study and move the datasheets and features type content details to the bottom so the prospect can see the business benefits first. And with everything in a single, professionally packaged branded digital experience on your page, you’ll not send prospect to multiple pages to avoid confusion, will keep the prospect focused on one page and make the best impression right away.

With digital showcase, your page will not get stale and you will easily keep content fresh on your website and social.

Design a polished portfolio

Or maybe you have a deep cybersecurity portfolio, but your messaging is scattered across dozens of old webpages and campaign landing pages. Worse, half the time your sales team share something with the prospects, it may be some vendor provided syndicated page, may not be up-to-date and may not have your differentiated story or branding.

Digital Showcase can help. You can add multiple showcases into your portfolio. Once you’ve added your files to a showcase, they’ll stay updated every time you do a revision or add a new file, so no more tracking down the latest versions or your sales team accidentally sending out an outdated version. You can launch the portfolio on your website as featured solutions and your sales team can add the portfolio to the branded showcase. Your sales team can also customize your showcase for each recipient with customized introduction messages, making small tweaks rather than uploading the same eight attachments every time. Finally, a Showcase can be converted into a prospect page and lets your sales team add prospect name, logo, and other branding on the same page as all your files, which means your company branding will remain intact, no matter where the prospects page gets shared or forwarded through the sales process.

Sell your solutions with insights

Finally, suppose you’ve launched a new campaign for your ransomware protection solution. But whenever you try to gauge interest from potential prospects, you’re left in the dark. Did they read or see the content? Which content is most downloaded? Are they engaged and coming back to the site?

Next time, try launching your story with Digital Showcase. For each digital showcase you launch, you can see who downloaded your content, and when they did so. You can even see which files are getting the most attention, and which contents are getting overlooked the most often. How often the prospect is coming back to the prospects pages. Your sales team will get an email alert when prospects engage so they can follow-up just at the right moment.

Whether you need to showcase your story professionally, keep content fresh on website and social, drive more traffic and leads from social, scale your reach and SEO, acquire new clients and adapt quickly in the digital age, Digital Showcase can help you showcase and sell your solutions – all from one trusted place. 

MSPs and IT Solution Providers who use InXero Digital Showcase grow traffic up to 571%, leads up to 590%, digital reach up to 20x, go-to-market speed up to 100x, and cut content curation time up to 90%.

Sign up for InXero Digital Showcase to create your own showcase today.

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