Channel is changing. Here is to the next 12 years.


Today is a major milestone in our journey to empower the people who power-up the world commerce. The World Trade Organization estimates that about 75% of the world’s trade flows through indirect channels of third-party sellers (resellers). Each of these businesses works with their own set of product offerings, customers and vendors. Although these businesses have limited resources, they all take pride in owning a unique brand, and they want to deliver their brand to a growing market.

For centuries, technology has been driving the human progress forward. More than 75% of the technology in the world is deployed by resellers. So resellers are contributing to drive the human progress forward for 7 billion people in our world.

Today, on our 12th anniversary, we celebrate the tremendous progress we have made in empowering the people at reseller businesses and digitize route to markets for this important value-chain. With hope in our hearts and wings on our heels, we look forward to the next 12 years of our contributions to this great value-chain that we cherish.

The beginning

I started learning about this value-chain long time ago when I was working at Dell to design Dell’s third party distribution system. This system connects Dell with all its third party distributors to fulfill all the non-Dell branded products. I feel so fortunate for this opportunity to work on this project. This work provided me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the backbone of the indirect sales channel. Being a technologist, I also realized the limitations of the technology and inefficiencies of this value chain.

Then I went on to run a reseller business myself and experienced the pain of taking new technologies to market, creating awareness, driving demand and retaining customers. Many of my reseller peers shared the same pain. The cloud fundamentally changed the dynamics of this value-chain. The pain was getting more acute every day.

This pain gave birth to the idea of InXero. We devoted ourselves to find the solution for this pain for all of my reseller peers.

Working closely with industry leaders, we developed industry’s first Go-to-Market Platform for Resellers. Resellers, distributors and vendors love it.

One Platform, every experience, every partner, any device. We are here to serve you.


Like any marathon, our journey has been full of ups and downs. But we have been ever fresh and full of enthusiasm with the blessings and guidance of great people. This joyful journey would not have been possible without the devotion of our team, families, friends, partners, customers and investors. Today is a great day to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped us along the way and continue to help us.


We are very grateful for the University of Texas at Austin where we started and completed our research work. For a problem like this that requires a long-term approach to solve it, UT Austin provided us the right resources, guidance and connections to keep finding the solution. As this is a global problem, UT Austin’s IC2’s Global Commercialization Group guided us with deeper insights into the international markets and connected us with the right people.

UT Austin

We are thankful for our customers who continue to believe in us and provide us the continuous feedback and resources to innovate the channel.

We are thankful for IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle (Eloqua), Amazon and Capital Factory for their great partnership and providing lot of startup support in so many ways.

We are thankful for the Government of United States and Government of India for the joint innovation collaboration for which we have participated. We received the Gold Medal from Government of India for our innovation to empower millions of reseller businesses.

We are thankful for our mentors and advisors.

We are thankful for our investors.

We are also thankful to our competitors who continue to help us get better and stay ahead of them.

We are thankful for the devotion of our team and our families.

We are thankful for our industry which welcomes new innovative solutions.

We are thankful for all the industry experts and visionaries who recognized our innovation for the channel and inspired us.


There is no formula to inventing the future

We are also very thankful for the great leaders in our industry. Their work and leadership create the right environment for the new innovations to bloom. One such leader that inspires me is Satya Nadella.

“There is no formula to inventing the future. A company has to have a complete vision for what it can uniquely do, and then back it up with conviction and the capability to make it happen.” Satya Nadella

One of my favorite movies is Chariots of Fire. Here is a clip from the movie highlighting the same concept from Eric Liddle: I have no formula for winning the race. Everyone runs in her own way, or his own way. And where does the power come from to see the race to its end? From within.

Tools for success

Entrepreneurial journeys are unique driven by the purpose and passion of the teams. But I find tools like Hit Refresh book of Satya Nadella, the guidance of my mentors and the passion of Eric Liddle very helpful in navigating my own path. I try to hit refresh on myself every morning. This journey has brought me in the presence of great CEOs, mentors and American Pioneers. What are the chances of meeting great people in a million years for a boy who grew up in a small village in India? I am grateful.

The Narrow and Wide Gates. Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it. Matthew 6:21:13

Eads Bridge: East meets West

The Eads bridge at Mississippi river is a great example of how new technology, innovation and connectivity drives the human progress.


Opened in 1874, it was the longest bridge ever made to cross the Mississippi River and connected the American East with the America West. It actually made America United. Before the bridge was built, many doubted whether the enormous arches of the bridge will hold up. But Andrew Carnegie and James Eads had an unconventional plan to build it. They found their secret sauce. Steel was the perfect material for this bridge. No one has ever tried to use steel to make a structure this big. But Carnegie understands the value of new technology and begins to adapt it.

The bridge was built. The results were epic. The transportation, rail road and commerce flourished. The quality of life for Americans dramatically improved. The innovation and adoption of new technologies accelerated economic gains at an unprecedented levels. America has emerged stronger than ever. The New York Times called it The World’s Eighth Wonder. And it’s a really attractive American story.

Now as we transform into the digital world, the digital backbone, that simplifies new technology adoption, go-to-market collaboration and connects the Eastern World and the Western World, will accelerate the human progress faster in new ways never before possible. This digital opportunity to make an impact is what we celebrate. It serves as the basis of our mission to empower people who power-up the world commerce with partners in the digital age.

Making an impact

This is an opportunity for all of us to have an outsized impact in our businesses. Since technology drives human progress forward, this is an opportunity for unprecedented progress and making an impact in the world by deploying the new technologies faster and securely.

We now have more powerful technologies than ever before – highly automated infrastructure in the cloud.


As Sayta Nadella of Microsoft says: the sum of education + innovation multiplied by the intensity of tech use drives economic growth.

Next 12 years

Our InXero marathon continues with joy and new hope to continue to empower the people who power-up the world commerce. We are thankful for our universe to let us receive its wisdom and energy to come to work every day to find a better way of adding value in people’s lives. We are excited for the next 12 years of our journey. We look forward to forging many more partnerships and friendships as we digitize the global channel and democratize the go-to-market stack for all partners in the digital world.

It is time.


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