Channel is changing. Here is to the next 12 years.

Posted by Anand Raj on Feb 21, 2020 11:17:55 AM

Today is a major milestone in our journey to empower the people who power-up the world commerce. The World Trade Organization estimates that about 75% of the world’s trade flows through indirect channels of third-party sellers (resellers). Each of these businesses works with their own set of product offerings, customers and vendors. Although these businesses have limited resources, they all take pride in owning a unique brand, and they want to deliver their brand to a growing market.

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InXero cherish LinkedIn. We love partners.

Posted by Anand Raj on Feb 14, 2020 12:19:23 PM

For centuries, technology has been driving the human progress forward. More than 75% of the technology in the world flow through resellers and solution providers. So resellers are contributing to drive the human progress forward for 7 billion people in our beautiful world.

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